Drug Delivery

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Nano gene

  • For delivery of prophylactic and therapeutic drugs for treatment of human diseases

  • A non-viral, biocompatible, polymeric nanoparticle carrier technology that will allow slow, sustained-release of DNA-based drug that can be applied in a targeted organ-specific drug delivery manner thereby minimizing undesirable side effects

  • TGN’s initial thrust will be to develop a broad-based technology platform for

    • Nano-encapsulation of patent expired therapeutically active compounds, i.e., generic drugs (for re-purposing)

    • Proprietary target molecules implicated in diverse epithelial cancers and an array of acute and chronic lung diseases


  • Advantages of NanogeneTM are; long shelf life of the carrier, longer lasting and cost-effective formulation, easily produced, and mucosal delivery (intranasal sublingual and buccal delivery)