Since there is an urgent need for the development of novel therapeutics that target Cancer Stem Cells (CSC), we have developed/identified novel pathways and agents that affect their self-renewal, regeneration or differentiation processes

Transgenex has identified a set of inhibitors of a signaling pathway which regulates tumor and stromal cell interactions and expansion of  CSC during caricnogenesis

Using in-house developed FiSS platform technology and high throughput screening methods, TGN's drug development pipeline currently comprises of following four candidate molecules 

Our Pipeline

TN-1001 a gene drug inhibitor of a signaling pathway that has progressed to testing in non-human primate model of ovarian cancer

TN-1007, a small peptide inhibitor of cancers that was identified FiSS screening for CSC inhibitors

TN-1008, a small molecule cancer stem cell inhibitor of a signaling pathway that is currently undergoing preparation for IND-enabling enabling studies for lung cancers

TN-1111, an inhibitor of cancerstem cells that was identified by FiSS