3D Tumor Cell Biology Services

These services are provided on a fee for service which will use FiSS discs, reagents, media, tumoroids and microplates to assay the tumoroid growth and regression response as a function of time for research and development purposes only

Drug Discovery services for tumoroid-based assays

The services in this category includes assays for high throughput drug discovery. It entails contract services with Pharmaceutical and/or Biotechnology companies who are invested in anti-cancer drug discovery for identifying their leads from hits using 3D tumoroid assays

Tumoroid Chemosensitivity Test for Personalized Cancer Treatment (TCTPCT) prescription

This is a service that can be used to validate the results of genomic testing by ex vivo tumoroid assay from Patient’s Biopsy

Provide services by establishing reference laboratories for cancer patients from hospitals or other cancer care organizations, or oncologists, who could use these test results for making decisions to manage their patients’ cancer treatment and care