Our Goals

  • Develop innovative and cost-effective cancer stem cell-based diagnostic technologies


  • Develop and commercialize drugs targeting cancer stem-cells 



  • Developing a broad-based platform technology for nano-encapsulation of diagnostic and therapeutic compounds

  • Assessing each individual patient’s tumor for the most effective drug treatment – by growing them on our proprietary scaffold (FiSS) outside the body, and assaying them with currently marketed drugs

  • Identifying and developing small molecule compounds and peptides to treat tumors using our proprietary platform FiSS technology

To discover and develop individualized treatments and cures for cancers by targeting cancer stem cells
— Transgenex

About Transgenex


 Transgenex is a privately held company incorporated in Florida. Since being founded in 2004, the company was mainly engaged in service sector involving custom synthesis and sale of nanoparticle reagents for various biomedical applications to nano-biotech and Pharma companies. The Company headquarters is located at the 16704 Tobacco Road, Lutz, FL 33558 and has its Research laboratory located at Nebraska Business Center, 13719 N Nebraska Ave, Suite 108, Tampa, Florida 33613. In 2012,

TGN transformed its business strategy and began to focus on cancer nanotechnology, and developing tests for cancer clinical diagnostic tests for personalized cancer treatment and is developing anti-cancer drugs targeting cancer stem cells.