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FiSS Tumoroid Discs

FiSS (Fiber-Inspired Smart Scaffold) is a synthetic polymer platform (patent pending) enabling 3D and 4D cell culture growth without the need for customized media growth. 

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FiSS-96 plates

FiSS (Fiber-Inspired Smart Scaffold) plates enable 3D cell culture growth without customized growth media. 

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FiSS4D Culture System

FiSS4D is a tumoroid culture system that incorporates gravity-based microfluidic perfusion.

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Custom Nanoparticles (TGCN-16-001)

TGN provides custom tailored nanoparticles (polymeric, magnetic, hybrid) and lipid micelles.

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Custom Tumoroids  (TGCT-16-002)

TGN can provide pre-seeded tumorous plates ready for drug screening tests, flow cytometry studies...

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Custom Cancer Stem Cells  (CSC-16-003)

CSC investigations are typically limited by low abundance of CSCs in vivo (≤ 1%) and the phenotypic plasticity they exhibit during expansion.

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Order from TGN's Catalogue

Our catalogue can provide more detail for your research needs.

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