FiSS Tumoroid Forming Discs

Our fiber inspired smart scaffold (FiSS) is produced from a proprietary mixture of FDA-approved synthetic polymers electrospun to manufacture a scaffold or mat of randomly distributed nano- to micro-scale fibers. The scaffolds are customized for placement in the wells of standard plastic cell-culture microplates.


Advantages of FiSS

The cancer cells seeded on these scaffolds grow as 3D tumor-like structures, referred to as tumoroids. Tumoroids show the EMT characteristics of in vivo tumors and are able to respond to the same biochemical, nano-topographical and mechanical cues that drive tumor progression in the native ECM. Tumoroids display drug responsiveness that differ from monolayer (2D) cultures, but resemble in vivo tumors.


Product Applications

FiSS provides complete ease of performing DNA, RNA and protein extraction for gene expression analysis, mutation analysis and proteomics. Our cell culture platform grows 3D tumoroids from cells with origins in cancer cell lines, xenograft biopsies from animal studies and primary tumor biopsies from patients. These cell cultures also provide compatibility to process the tumoroids for flow cytometry, immuno-fluorescence, immuno-histochemistry, confocal microscopy, and dye based assays.


FiSS Tumoroid Micro-plates

Our Micro-plates can be used for anti-cancer Drug Discovery (T2D) or for personalized Cancer Rx (PCRx). The T2D platform simultaneously targets tumor and stromal cells including stem cells and can be used to evaluate drug efficacy in vivo. The PCRx platform can be used to culture a patient's biopsy cells to test drugs.



Tumoroids exhibit multicellular interactions similar to in vivo tumors and can be cultured >20 days, growing in size to >500 μM. Multi-cell tumoroid cultures show a Z'-factor of 0.7 with excellent assay reproducibility, ideal for high throughput screening in anti-cancer drug discovery. Multi-cell tumoroids mimic in vivo drug responses allowing for accurate measurements of clinical drug 


Product Applications 

Screen your drug libraries for anti-tumor efficacies using our T2D platform established from tumor cell lines. You can also screen your drug libraries for clinical efficacy using T2D platforms established from strategically designed co-cultures. Our PCRx platform can be used to test patient biopsies and test for drug sensitivity.


Custom Nanoparticle Synthesis

Our TARGET technology is the next generation of drug delivery platforms involving cell- and tissue-targeted delivery of gene-, peptide- or small molecule- drugs. Our SiPlex technology destroys undesired gene expression and proteins and can be effective in developing drugs for a number of diseases including but not limited to cancers.



Our multifunctional nanoparticles are biocompatible and biodegradable. They provide a slow and sustained release of drugs or genes with targeted delivery and are cost effective. Our nanoparticles (polymeric, magnetic, hybrid) are conjugated with DNA, siRNA, peptides, antibodies, and small molecules for targeted delivery to cells in vitro and in vivo. We custom synthesize our particles for in vitro and in vivo experiments depending on your needs.


Product Applications

Our NANOCAN nanoparticles are DNA based and combine three different gene expression regulators that can induce cancer in immune-competent mammals, useful for  testing cancer treatments.