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Custom Cancer Stem Cells 

TGN can provide CSC-amplified or purified (up to 10 million CSCs) tumoroids for use in drug discovery, basic/translational research and assessing clinical drug efficacy. 

Our FiSSCSC technology has several advantages:

  • FiSS produces ~10-fold increase in the CSC population vs monolayer cells

  • FiSS amplification of CSCs can be easily scaled up by using 6-well plates

  • CSC-enriched cells can be stored frozen without affecting the viability of CSCs

  • CSCs can be amplifed from patient biopsies and tumor cells

  • FiSS discs enable CSC production for drug discovery and biomarker studies

CSC investigations are typically limited by low abundance of CSCs in vivo (≤ 1%) and the phenotypic plasticity they exhibit during expansion.


To order custom cancer cells (CSC-16-003) please call us for a quote.