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FiSS4D Culture System

FiSS4D is a tumoroid culture system that incorporates gravity-based microfluidic perfusion, which better recapitulates in vivo tumor microenvironment versus 3D static culture method, It is a superb device to test anti-cancer drugs, that provides information on drug delivery kinetics to tumors. We will be happy to customize the system to suit your research needs.



Do you need special cell culture plates to grow 3D cell culture using FiSS platform?

No, the FiSS discs can be used in all the 96-, 24-, 12- and 6- well cell culture plates and the FiSS tumoroids micro-plate is provided in a standard 96-well cell culture plate format.

What cells can be grown on the FiSS platform?

We have tested growing; (i) cancer cell lines, (ii) co-culture of cancer cell lines with fibroblasts, mesenchymal stem cells or immune cells (macrophages, t-cells) (iii) tumor tissue from patient and tumor biopsies from in vivo mouse studies.

Are there any scientific studies that have been published using the FiSS platform?

Yes, there is a study published in PLoS One that characterizes our FiSS technology.


To order the following FiSS culture system please call us for a quote. Note there are no FiSS culture systems with a price quote on our products page:

FiSS 4D System:

  • Quantity: 1 unit
  • Catalog number: FCS-16-001